Youth Participation

It may seems like I am living in the world of imaginations and theoretical one. But I don't think I would be proved wrong to expect an active cooperation and partnership among the energetic mass  of youth around me to work together for the building better, peaceful and prosperous nation .

In this age of globalization, various seniors’, experts and active youths from around different regions of the  world need to be equally responsible towards the society and to the whole world. I cannot ignore the name 'Nelson Mandela'. Mandela has rightly said, 'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.' Time has come to the youth of every nation to think for the next generation world, to be responsible, feel responsible for their country and at the same time for the whole world, to campaign for better education for all. Youngsters are the pillar of our future. Sustainable resource utilization, promoting use of renewable sources of energy, preservation of non-renewable sources of energy, protection of environment while moving towards industrialization is the most required task to be accomplished in near future. And I want is to be a strong initiative in action for the same.

As compared to the west, South Asian region is least developed in terms of economics and human civilization. Among these South Asian countries, Nepal is least developed and poorly progressive nation. And of course a nation has great hope on youth, for the development of the community at large. Also, cultural transformation to the new generation creates a strong values and norms to the society resulting in ethical and moral harmony in new generation. One, who is ethically responsible will definitely contribute values to the betterment of the nation. We all are equally responsible and accountable for what we are now facing. Despite abundant natural resources and human resources, we are happy on sending people to abroad for labor job and are not courageous enough to take decision for the development of own nation. Every part of the system has become corrupt in some way. A boss at an organization wants his/her nearer and dearer to get the competitive benefits instead of fair evaluation. A sub-ordinate clerk wants to avoid discharging their normal duties and preferring to be engaged in politics. Industrialists always tend to pay less tax to the government and suppress the sales or do under invoicing in every sales to generate black money. Trader always hides their margin and also takes advantage of scarcity in the market and prefers black selling. Politician always wants to keep their voters in confusion with so many nice speeches and commitments which are never fulfilled and always justified by blaming the opponents. Government bureaucrats always go behind the politicians to take favor in appointments and promotions and encourage them to take short term benefits. There is not a single area where people are working for minimum job ethics and there is no water tight system to bring people in the rule of law. Anyone can be escaped from the punishment using any channel of power or money. This is the reality we facing now. 
Every year, we organize various conferences, seminars, workshops and discussions on various issues like global warming, poverty elevation, youths and women empowerment, unemployment, global terrorism, universal development, regional cooperation, youth’s partnerships and so on. We draft resolutions, we make plans, but what we lack is 'their implementation'. Since its inception in 1985, even SAARC signed a number of agreements and conventions, but faltered in translating ideas into collective actions either it may be upon poverty eradication or may be on interfaith partnership. We all imagine making this world a beautiful place. Isn’t it?  Yes. But imagining and setting goal and committing to work for it are really different. And this is the time to wake up and start to work for making beautiful. None of the agendas can be fulfilled by only the government or some limited organisation. It requires partnership of all segments of society . Now, its upon us, upon the youths of the society that how could we manage the strong partnership for stability of peace, prosperity, harmony and sustainable development among our society and to the nation. This is the era of globalization. And of course it is the duty of all youngsters to realize that we have to have responsibility in globalizing humanity.

South Asia is a region is of almost all developing nation. Most of the countries are still striving for stabilizing peace and development. The most common and worrying problem in today's world is 'Terrorism' which suffers all and is being a barrier for prosperity and progress of all nation. To come out of this, the political leaders along with intellectuals should hold meets and peace talk with those protesting groups to address the meaningful demands the have for which they are doing this all.Second is poverty. The gap between poor and rich is so high. This is the main reason for increasing the gap between poor and rich. In  research in United states of America during the year 2004, the income of the richest Five have gone up by 64% but the income of the poorest five have gone up by only 3%. And we are being leaded to this situation.  There should be awareness programs for making people responsible towards the creation of wealth of the society rather than making only their own, making them to follow laws, regulate taxation laws strong, preventing money laundering and circulation of black money. 

Next is Resource depletion. In near future, this region may feel resource crisis. Promotion of use of renewable source of energy, waste management by applying "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" principle. Environmental degradation is another problem facing by present world. Increasing industrialization results deforestation, water and land pollution, reducing productivity of land is resulting food scarcity and sever health problem to the living beings. Its common between our people that people listen to the third person more than our close ones & known. Youth exchange on campaigning about protection of environment between Nepal to Pakistan, Pakistan to Myanmar, Afghanistan to Nepal, India to Srilanka and same process with the western so that people would be more concerned about the scenario. So we have to express commitment to eradicate these problems  from our surrounding through an agenda of action which would, inter-alia, include a strategy of social mobilization, and a policy of decentralized agricultural development, village reawakening, small-scale labor-intensive industrialization and human development. We should also stress that within the conceptual approach of "Daal- Bhaat"-the basic needs approach, the right to work and primary education should receive priority.

In the context of present Nepal, Since last 100 and more days, there is agitation in Terai region along with Indian blockade. Because of this, almost 2000 small medium and large industries has been closed. Thousands of workers were sitting idle. All schools has been closed, the right of little children to have good education has been detached from them. Investment in private sector is almost zero. Ongoing government projects in Road construction, Manufacturing Industries, Electricity generation, all were blocked. In the recent survey, the economic growth was negative. This Indian blockade has affected not only to the economic sector, but also to the humanitarian sector as well. There is scarcity of medicines even in the major cities. Around 20 lakhs children are not getting  vaccines for months. It has detached the right of Nepalese people to live in Peace and Harmony.  India is forgetting / (ignoring) all the international laws and rights of a landlocked country in relation to their free trade practices.
Where we are going ?

Here, I would like to add up one more thing regarding instability in political situation and leadership. All we want is a capable leadership in the country. Whoever may be acceptable. The only thing is he /she must be capable to lead the nation and this region for its prosperity, stability Of peace, longevity of the constitution for generations, having good management skills in terms of ethical and moral behaviors, who can set vision for next 100-200 Years.  . . .   for generations !

Yes, all people have equal right to participate in the administration but it doesn't mean that all people come to the stage and make "Khichadi" . Forgetting the protocol and rules is the main reason for the creation of instability in the nation in terms of politics and peace. We can all . We are loosing the protocol for administrating the departments . People at Higher  Authorities are just concentrating on generating monetary assets for their own rather than creating a wealth of the nation. All we know the fact of the geographic locality of our country. Even Till date, there are so many villages in remote/ hilly areas, where the access of  roads, bridges, hospitals has not been reached. Recently, I was in a visit to Sri Lanka, i wonder seeing the development of that country. It was like 'does it lies among south Asia?' Infrastructure and Export oriented industries, Tourism sector all are being managed in such a good manner.  92% is the literacy rate in Srilanka and in our own, it is so poor that we can't imagine in this time. Lifestyle of the people is so pathetic here. And our so called leaders,who are at the decision making level  are not focusing  on making agendas for developments of those areas.

Our great leader B.P. Koirala said that "whenever you think of making some agendas for development, think of those people of remote areas, who stays in small cottages, doesn't have access of infrastructure facility for development, who are illiterate and dying off starvation". And rather than focusing on those critical areas, Division of power and looting the wealth of the nation has became their main motto, which is true shit and sad. The another problem is some people  are being misguided by those of the power oriented people, people who doesn't have sense of humanity rather than money, who doesn't make sense of development for the poorer rather than power to dominate.  The increasing number of NGO's / INGO's is destroying the moral and ethical norms of the society, the value and respect , the societal habits of the people where they were self motivated and honest earlier.

This time I just want to envisage on the scenario of the modern society, where we are heading. We all know , we are emotional. Patriotic, and also biased to some extent. I am not sure about the constitution and neither to the longevity of the federalism designed here. But due to most of the Nepalese people are being aware of politics, foreign policy, external threats, mobilization and utilization of the power and resources, I can say that now politicians with misleading agendas and intense of misusing power will suffer a lot. The future is not a result of choices among alternative paths offered by the present, but a place that is created--created first in the mind and will, created next in activity. The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating. So before concluding, request all to be participated to create our future, to promote cultures along with motivate youths to be responsible for betterment of our society, nation and the world as well. So, lets join hands for the better world, "A World of Happiness"

Tirth Raj Aryal
Student, CA Final, Social Activist
Central Executive Council Member, WOSY

प्रकाशित : 12:04 AM