Take Action Before it's too late

In an excellent poem by Whittier there are the lines: 'of all the sad words of tongue or pen,the saddest are these, it might have been'. These are the same lines which are echoing in my ears since the time I was a secondary level student. The principal of my firm where I am being morphed into a qualified Chartered Accountant reminds me time and again that we are running short against time. Really, time is warning all of us. We are on very crucial age of our life where we have to either take action otherwise dig pit to get  buried. We will be worthless in this fiercely competitive world for not taking action on time.

               On the occasion of Holi last year, I was on Lalita Park celebrating holi. After noon the number of Nepalese students started to increase. It was around 2 pm, I was astonished to see such galaxy of budding CA students  who were all from Nepal. I turned around to my friend with a bewildered look on my face and asked him, 'Are all they going to be a chartered accountant ?' He got confused and finally replied, 'Let’s assume that all of them will become CA, I am bemused whether our country can afford so many CA’s or not.' I’m sure  all of the students on that park might have felt this sort of doubt on their mind. It is not only a case in Laxminagar. This type of question often arises in the mind of every student from every streams.

                                          We all are warriors who have left motherland to make our parents smile. We are here with arrows on the quiver and bow on hand. We have already put an arrow on bow and have stretched arrow on hand. Now, we shouldn’t get stuck in thought after aiming the  arrow on  the stretched bow. It’s not the proper time for us to think whether the nation can afford all or not. It’s the time to do smart work. Serving a nation does not necessarily mean working within the nation. You can do a lot for your country by working anywhere around the globe. I have seen so many herds thinking that CA has become just like BBA. My neighbor brother from my countryside is taking classes for Inter. One day I asked him, 'How are your classes going?' He said, 'kati nepali hun dai malai ta shankardev campus ma BBS pade jasto  lagchha' with a great sense of humor. We can’t deny the fact that the herd’s size is increasing but it’s the time for us to make our self unique in the herd. 

I have lots of my mates who have wasted  much of their  time saying, 'I don’t  have enough time to prepare properly for exam ,why to give exam just as to pass ? I will drop this attempt and score rank in next attempt as I will digest all topics in six months time.' But if they had not talked about this paltry time all day,they would really have spared enough time to pass the exam in first attempt. If you want any assignment to be completed on time give to the busiest person because a busy person only has a time. You have got the same time that were given to the world’s greatest people. In this Universe either we can make excuses or make progress but not both at the same time.
Distraction from the main objective is another  greatest mistake that we often make. Sometimes we make our mind busy in stupid things thereby forgetting why our parent’s had send us here. Though we can’t control what goes on outside but we can always control what goes on inside. Damn beautiful ladies in the streets try to distract me too but  I do one thing special that has helped me till today. Just after reaching home from office or class your mind will be houseful of thoughts including bad thoughts. What I always do is, I go in front of mirror, look myself and say these sentences loudly, 'Mr. Prakash ! don’t forget why your parents have sent you here, don’t ever  dare to disrespect their sweat, you have lots of promises to keep and you have miles to go.'  Till the time, I feel myself refreshed. Talk to yourself at least once in a day otherwise you may miss a meeting with an excellent person in this world.
            World’s highly respected leadership expert, Robin Sharma has written these word’s in one of his books. Learn from a good movie. Three Idiots is one of such movie which had helped most of us to decide our future. Once we entered into one field we shouldn’t watch this movie again. You will come across stressful times and ask yourself why you had joined that subject. The time you take a decision to do any course after watching this movie, your destiny will be shaped. After this you have to love what you do. We often sleep late in night so it becomes very difficult for us to wake up in the morning to go to office. My roommate greets me with one prologue, 'bihana uthera office jana man lagne din aye kasto huntyo hola,kya kuhera gayo ni jindagi.' I am really surprised to see this attitude of him. If we are taking all obligations by just compulsion,do you think it will help us grow ? We can’t find a rainbow by looking down. We should have the fear of being nobody then only we get some energy to jump out of bed in the morning.
                                             Once  I was in Select City Walk Mall, Saket with my friends. We were having Latte on Star Bucks. There were one recently married like couple sitting next to our table. One of my friend commented jealously, 'saala bhagyamani rahechha,chawk budi payechha.' We all burst into laughter by hearing him.After coming to room I instructed him with these lines of Eleanor Roosevelt, 'Small people talk other people, average people talk about things and great people talk about ideas.' I asked him what type of person his parents want him to see. We are not in our marital age to garner bad feeling in mind about the girls we see. Once you become a Chartered Accountant there will be no any girl to deny your proposal. Why don’t you read Eleven minutes by Paulo Coelho and learn the fact that this is nothing. You can enjoy so many  eleven years with your beloved ones after you qualify CA then why are you entrapping yourself in this Eleven minutes shit. My friend, The greatest moment of  happiness is to see smile on the face of your parents. Don’t wait to make your parents smile. Almighty have spared lots of time for all these hungers now it’s merely the time to take righteous action. Don’t you ever feel shame on your face that the nation is caged in political gridlock and you are wasting your time with a girl asking her, 'which flavor do you need ?' , 'which burger do you want ?' and  'which Pizza shall I order ?' I have one fear that when you learn to control time for your main aim, you will be too old for everything. You may have opinion that I am reading and maintaining my relation with my girl/boy side by side. But you are day dreaming my friend. Never clumsily assume that the tactic that worked on one person will necessarily work on other. Do notice one thing, a river fish may be an expert swimmer but it still can’t cross the sea.
 Finally I want to remember my principal. He had once instructed all of us to understand the CA course by heart not by mind. One of our co-article had hastily made mockery of his instruction saying, 'Dil se to bahut kuch samaj me ate hain lekin ye CA ki course aaj tak samaj me nahi aya.' Though this type of comments seem ridiculous but these are the forces that prevent you from doing something. If you know how to deal with inside roadblocks you will surely be unstoppable. Now on wards start  walking on moving escalator and walking  inside the moving train towards the door from where the exit gate becomes nearer. This is a crucial test for you. Never waste your single second for a girl/boy. A woman/man  in this age is just  to screw up your happiness. These relationships are such tides which even drown experienced swimmers. It’s the time for us to plant a tree so that our kids will feel the shade of it. A corpse is a corpse but the world is going to respect that corpse of the man who has lost his life for the people. There is no greater religion than patriotism,no greater dream than the nations welfare and no greater benefit than the nations benefit.

Prakash Parajuli

प्रकाशित : 11:14 PM