We can be Heroes

The mind is just a reflex organ. It reacts to everything. In today’s world there are enormous opportunities for doers. If you exploit cent percent of your matter in the business you are supposed to carry on, you will be demanding in the international arena. The only problem with Nepalese herd is that they want result before completing the assignment. Don’t bother what the destination has for you. You fix your journey for the path less traveled and keep moving thinking that journey is what brings the happiness not the destination.At the time whole world is keeping an eye upon Indian market and willing to invest to bloom their business, my dear friends are advising not to come here. It means now onward students shouldn’t start doing CA, right? That also means ICAI will have no Nepalese students after few years. Good morning! My friend, wake up its long time you have been sleeping. It’s better go and ask your Principal, what should I do after passing CA? To your great surprise he will say. “Take care of the minutes, the hours will take care themselves?’’

        You know where the problem is, tips are hazardous for health and you can’t make money. These things can’t be taught it has to be learned.The quest to learn is a journey. You might have learnt much but I know much is still unlearned. We all know life is a risk but its also the ultimate call. Don’t compromise yourself, you are all you have to become a hero. Here on earth, Everyone tells you what to do and whats good for you.They don’t want you to find your own answers. They just want you to believe theirs. Start finding from inside yours. That’s where you find answers when you are in need. Take out the trash you usually find in your friends circle. Learn to throw out everything you don’t need in your head. Start giving your soulmates the elbow from today itself. You no longer need them. Forget what will happen and what might happen. You do your job in the here and now, that’s it. Know that nothing stays the same. Now we will not get such placements as our seniors got with the same level of knowledge they had. We have to specialize ourselves in any of the fields out of Valuation, Internal Audit, DIRM, International taxation, DISA, IFRS, Arbitration, MBA in Finance etc. If you don’t engage yourself this way what will happen is, you will be called for an interview where you will say what you want and what you value. Then, the interviewer will leave saying, Mr/Ms chartered accountant, don’t tell me what you want, show me your knowledge and then I will tell you what you want. Therefore there is no powerful weapon than knowledge.

Hopefully,things will be set right now and the truth will prevail.The truth is CA is still the same course which will shower money and prestige at the same time. But Its up to you how high can you imagine and keep your spirit motivated. Your ‘What to do?’ question will be masked by ‘How to do?’ herein this course. Its the course for those who know exactly how to get things moving. Yes, same principle of winners doing not the different things but the same things in different way has a space in this profession and it’s you the person who is reading this article right here who has to answer how to complete CA. Let me remind you, you are a heartbeat away to hone your skills and excel the knowledge to be a hero of your profession. We have debated about poverty, complained a lot about corruption and ranted about political instability but I think we did nothing to change ourselves and prepare oneself to take the charge of these problems. Once we will be armed with the expertise talking about these problems will suit the need of the time. Lots of youngsters under graduation are found more keen in political rallies and campaigns rather than reading. Finally when it comes the time to do something in life the same lads without any skill and knowledge protest against the government pointing out the Unemployment problem. Don’t you think this is sheer injustice to the government. Government is applying so much of fund in Education. In the meantime you don’t want to enter into the classroom where the old professor is eager to feed you something. See how hilarious the situation is, a young chap going to campus calls his friend before leaving out home, “aa bhan aja kaha jane ho?”.That’s why its not about the government to change its all about thyself to change. Be the change you wish to see in your motherland. Before we clear away I want the world to know that we were the best citizens any country would ever get.

We are at war and we must act rather than listening to others and being mislead. Now on wards, as long as the profession is alive I am sure people will know where they should stand. Nobody has the privilege to show your destiny its your heart which decides where to go? and where not? Action is inevitable my friends and so are the consequences. Now is the time to put all your eggs in the one basket. Don’t ever dare to be a hero. If you wish to achieve anything in life, go for it with passion, cultivate a degree of madness and lunacy for it. Sometimes you have to lose your mind to come to your senses. Use your body and mind the way most of the people dare to use. You’ll then notice how the right leverage becomes very effective. The world today has everything we need except the most essential thing needed for our future i.e hard work and passion.That’s what we students must inoculate. Be true to your own self and cultivate passion for something meaningful. I know you haven’t just come here to gloat. You have a great responsibility towards the well being of our small brothers and sisters. That’s why I humbly ask you not to make situations seem worse than actually it is. I wish more and more beautiful minds to come here and compete with Indian students. I have already made my decision now I am here to help others make theirs.

Prakash Parajuli
CA, Final

प्रकाशित : 7:04 AM