-Rajan BanjaDe-
When a glass is empty. On a layman view it’s an empty glass. But scientifically it’s not empty it is filled with air. We will find empty glass in a vacuum only.  I relate this to our Economy of   Nepal. By the facts and data from ongoing economic situation we find it empty like our glass. Our Main economic indicator  GDP growth rate is negative  after 33 years when our neighboring country India is growing at the rate of 8 to 9 %, China 7 %, Sri-Lanka 6 to 7 %, Bangladesh 7 to 8 % and 10% Bhutanese Economy. Our Trade Deficit is ballooning. On Previous quarter Report of NRB, Imports with India is increased by 2.5 %, with China 42.8% and with other countries 10 % respectively. Inflation is on double digits. There is open black marketing, it’s beyond the control of government body and corruption is being institutionalized. Capital Expenditure is minimum. Business investors are not secured of their investments. So there is chance of capital flight in the country.  For this NRB is putting restriction by imposing stringent rules and regulations supported by a notification and circular issued from time to time. Society is on  depress mentality and looking this malpractice they have no hope that country will move in political stability and go for development phase.

Let’s see the thing from the bigger picture that will make us convince glass is not empty. It’s filled with ray of hope for the development. They ray of hope is promulgation of constitution that it lay a base for all section of  society to accept it, practice it and if not amend it. They may be criticism all around about constitution 2072, by seeing consequence afterwards. But if you see on core path of it positively it has accepted all  the democratic and progressive feature to move society more ahead. It has incorporated inclusive adopting women rights , madhesi rights and marginalized people rights. Except some issue on national sovereignty, constitution is amendable. Standing on this base we have elected Bidhya Bhandari as a first woman President, Vice President Nandakishore Pun Pasang from ethnic society,  Speaker Onshari Gharti Magar woman from ethnic background and Sub-Speaker from Madhesi Community.

Earthquake and Economic Blockade has leave tragic imprints on the mind and heart  of Nepalese people but it has taught us to stand tall and has awaken us power of patience to face crucial situation that would arise afterwards. Our country is of youths, nearly more than 70 % people are in the age group 15 to 60. This generation youth has experience monarchy, people’s revolution constitutional vacuum, earthquake disasters, People Constitution Promulgation and economic blockade that made pain to our pride to be Nepal.

So energy is ignited within the youths. They are empowered to do something but they need leaders to lead them, acknowledge them and see their vision with his dreams, motivate. We always blame to youth that do hatred of politics. No it’s totally wrong. The main fact is youth do hatred of politics that make development ahead of agenda, that make cadres ahead of people agenda, made personal interest ahead of national interest. They need leaders to break time. There is one Nepali youth that make research and prove the things that there is presence of water in Mars but th leaders that guide the youth can’t make vision to generate flowing water to electricity. Since 104 years after the generation of electricity our production is nearly 700 MW leading to 2/3 time power cut in a day.

To clear this political and economic Transition I Have figured out some points.

·   Without Political stability we can’t concentrate for Development issue. If we see the history of economic growth. Major economic growth was in the year 2048 to 2051. Where we liberalized our economy and there was maximum growth rate of 6 %. Fundamental is stability, if we are unable to do it , we should maintain bureaucratic stability , If  not possible too we should have minimum economic agenda on  Destination of Nepalese Economy.

·   Country should move towards second economic generation followed by economic liberalization previously in 1991. Where Government becomes leaders of Business leaders formulating economic policies where investors also sustain and Economy also get strengthened. Key Acts related with Economy like NRB Act, Company Act, Electricity Act, SEZ act should be changes according to the needs of time.

·         Government Performance should not be measured  only with how much revenue it generates, better it should be measured how many new Industries have been set off, New Employment generation in the country, Agriculture productivity of the country. Priority of the government should be reshuffled.
    Education should be practical oriented. Country should have statistics of what type of Human Resource we need like   HR Department   does in a company and this need should be linked with the educational output of a country. By products of the educational system should be made skilled. The rotation should be made like Unskilled to Semi-skilled, Semi-skilled to Skilled. Skilled to Professional.

·       There should be ease in doing business. For it we can make One Window System. E.g. If any business venture want to go for electricity generation. Every steps like Incorporating a Company, Licensing of Electricity Projects, Land acquisition problems, Environmental issue, public issue should be made linkage so to solve this problem in fast track process.

We should carry out the social awareness with the people that Wealth is not only the success indicators of life.  We should give equal respect to every work field of the society they may be Professor, Technician, and Doctor and from other Section.

At last Gurudev SriSriRavi Shankar said we should learn from people from different parts of the world.  Hard-Work, Technical Knowledge from Germany, Etiquettes from England, Marketing from America , Team Work from Japan  and Spirituality from India and with Gurudev line I say Nationality from Nepali. Now Nepali are in every corner of the world. But their love is not same  only but its increasing more and more  towards the nation. Regardless of any situations our heart says Yo Man ta Mero Nepali Ho.

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