New Logo for Members of ICAI

As part of the ongoing drive to promote the brand of the CA profession, and responding to the long felt need to have a symbol of CA profession in India, the ICAI has come up with a new unique logo for its members. The new logo has been artistically designed to display the dynamism of the profession in modern times. Encapsulating the current beliefs, attitudes and values of the profession, the new logo seeks to enhance the identity of the members. Attempt has been made to keep the new logo simple yet aesthetically pleasing and full of meaning and vigor.

The logo consists of the letters 'CA' with a tick mark (upside down) inside a rounded rectangle with white background. The letters 'CA' has been put in blue, the corporate colour which not only stands out on any background but also denotes creativity, innovativeness, knowledge, integrity, trust, truth, stability and depth. The upside down tick mark, typically used by Chartered Accountants, has been included to symbolize the wisdom and value of the professional. The green colour in the tick mark signifies growth, prosperity, harmony and freshness. 

Members are encouraged to use the new logo. According to ICAI notification, do not change the design and colours, including the white background. Refrain from rotating or titling the logo.
प्रकाशित : 10:20 AM