THT Report : Scope of Chartered Accountancy


I need an MBA for running my business, but a CA to teach them how to run the business,” Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons, once said.

His statement shows how significant is the profession of a Chartered
Accountant. Have you ever wondered if studying Chartered Accountancy means anything else than auditing? We have answers for you.

The business environment is defined by globalisation and liberalisation of information technology and also the competition that they face. The mixture of practical, analytical and statistical skills that a Chartered Accountant possesses helps businesses to plan, strategise, execute decisions and monitor performance.

The increasing importance of Chartered Accountants has opened a wide range of opportunities in every sector of business and finance.

Chartered Accountancy offers students an opportunity to choose from an array of career options.

A Chartered Accountant can either work with some other firm or open their own CA practice firm and become successful entrepreneurs. They also have an edge over their counterparts, as they rise faster and further ahead in organisations.

“Students should take up CA as a profession because this highly demanding profession not only assures a high level of income but also develops an individual as a globally competent human resource,” shared Ganesh Joshi, CEO of Chaitanya Institute of Management. “A Chartered Accountant’s job is not only limited to finance. They can work as auditor, analyst, and teacher or even as a Managing Director of Companies,” he added.

He informed that the reason for such a wide scope is not only because of the professional skills that they have but also because they have a strong foundation in marketing, economics and info-rmation management systems.

“Chartered Accountancy is a professional course that has potential in almost every sector with a huge market both in Nepal and abroad,” said Phanindra Dhakal, Executive Director at Chartered Academics
International (CAI).

“Chartered Accountants also have great opportunities in leadership and management because of the vast exposure that they receive while studying,” he shared, adding that most corporate houses and commercial banks have and prefer CA professionals at their top-level managerial posts.
Citing that a CA career offers more mobility than any other
career, he said, “Today, most of my students have become successful business advisors.

Therefore, I highly recommend students to take up CA for the betterment of their career.”
Source : The Himalayan Times
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