Diwesh is my best friend. It was quite short ago, on my 16th birthday, we decided we are growing up and we should have some money in our hands, but for what purpose, we didn't know, then.

We decided to have a piggy bank and put money therein. Soon after few months, Diwesh complained that he wasn't happy with this idea of having a piggy bank. Reasons being; his mother over-inquires him and keeps a regular check on the deposits and withdrawals made by him, which he ultimately sensed to be bothersome. Meanwhile, I also discussed and explained same problems.

I further told that, every time I made a saving more than the target, my mom would give a part of it to my younger brother Vijay. I didn't like that.

So, we decided to keep this piggy bank somewhere else. Then came to my mind, Ashish, one of my closest friend alike Diwesh. His parents are so busy that they don't spend much time at home. Eventually, on to our mind was, what other could be the best place than his house to keep that mighty piggy bank. We planned and we kept piggy bank at his home.
We deposited money and withdrew from it with the help of Ashish at regular intervals. And the best as per our plan, nobody ever got a single idea of it. 

Two years passed. Three years passed. The secret was well preserved. We were going with the flow and were tremendously happy until one day Sabin, one friend of mine, who envied me from the very KG days back at school, came on our way.

We hadn't any track of this that how did he come to tell about that mighty piggy bank to Ashish's father.

Ashish's father, on the charge of shock and surprise of the amount kept in the piggy bank called my parents and Diwesh's parents at his home.

We were busted!

Now the scene is, we are caught. Story don't finishes here. My father calls my uncle and some relatives and requests to operate a counselling and investigate the purpose of those hefty saving into the piggy bank.

My assertion: I stared saving so that I could gift my sister an iPhone on her 21st Birthday. I escaped from the charge with a legitimate reason.
Diwesh, however, lately have been indulged in chain smoking. He is doubted to have saved money to buy drugs and stuffs. He is about to face punishment.

I and Diwesh: Vladimir Putin, King Salman of Saudi ArabiaKhalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Amitabh Bachhan, and many more.
Ashish:  Mossack Fonseca
Ashish's Home: Tax Haven
Sabin: The ICIJ (council of international journalists)
Vijay receiving the amount: Tax amount

The persons accused in the Panama Papers, if prove themselves legal with a legitimate reason, they are escaped. Others if don't may get charged with severe penalty.

                                                                                                                                        -Durga Prakash
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