Memory Of Shivering Winter, Story By CA Student Rajesh Sapkota

I never knew when winter began actually and this is the fact that I love the most; with the arrival of winter I feel close to home. Fighting and hugging with the blanket at night used to be wow moments for me  as it reflects my smile and the nostalgia of winter nights at home.

I have been living in Delhi since leaving home 4 years ago. It has been my secondary home since maybe, because in truth – home will always be where my mother lives. I remember her looking out the window of our old house and complaining to me about the cold which the winter is carrying on its laps as if I could bring back the smiley spring in that moment. I can’t help but always used to burn the sticks and setup the fire asking it to give us warmth and fight with the cold – those moments were  magical.

I remember how much cool stuff my parents had stashed everywhere in the roof of my house. So many important memories live on that street. When I was sent to Delhi (a part of hell) fighting with CA, I was sick for that sip of tea from my mom, sick for the foggy street of the winter, sick for asking pocket money from my dad, sick for my home. Every time I remember this, tear-drops roll from my eyes making a street through the cheeks and absorbed near the mustache and then to forget the same, I just roam here and there. During the same roaming here is what had happened:

It was a shivering evening of January. I was walking alone in search of a room on the streets of Shakarpur, New Delhi.  Very few people were seen on the road as the roads were all layered with fog. May be the people were busy fighting with their blankets inside their room. I was roaming here and there but was not able to find a room.

          Suddenly, I got a call from one of my senior brother (I called him Durga Dai) informing that there is someone who is claiming she has a room vacant in her flat. I rushed there and met Durga dai. I saw a woman of 33/34 years standing next to him. With curly hair and lustrous face I found her alluring. She saw me and asked us to follow her. She was telling us that she was taking us to the flat which she owned. We were going to her flat but she was talking very differently as if we doubted her ownership to the flat. After 10 minutes of walking, we went to a beautifully decorated flat. Everything in this awesome flat was perfectly placed, almost flawless. We didn't see anyone in the flat. I being curious, asked how much was the rent. She told me to pay 12000/- per month as she would be giving us all furnitures  to use. She offered us a cup of tea. After sipping tea, we accepted her proposal and finally agreed to pay the advance payment, the next morning.

Next morning, near about 10:30 I asked Durga dai to come with me and we went to the same flat. We entered the flat and we found a family residing over there. I asked if I could talk with Mrs. Divya (same lady whom we met yesterday). All the members inside the flat were looking at me bizarrely. Then I heard an old man asking me why I was willing to meet her? I replied to them about the fact that happened yesterday. Meanwhile I found Durga Dai looking queerly. He was thinking what the inferno I was talking about. He then replied that yesterday he was quite busy in office and came back home at 11 pm night. Listening to him the old man now asked us to have a cup of tea with him. And during the conversation the old man said that Divya was his wife who died 19 years back. At that moment I was like what the hell is this? Am I dreaming or what? And the old man again said the same thing has been repeating once a year  for continuously 19 years.  I didn't believe  him and asked him to show the photo of Mrs. Divya. He then smiled and pointed his finger towards the wall where a big photo of her was hanging with a garland of jasmine over it. And the face in the picture was ditto with the one whom I met the last evening.

My face was completely pale and I was shivering too. I was silenced into numbness and was not able to see anyone. Suddenly I heard the voice "Rajesh k bhayo?" Rajesh Rajesh....Then I opened my eyes and I found myself lying on my bed. Dilraj and Anis bhai-my roommates, were looking at me surprisingly as I was murmuring continuously and my face was covered with sweat. I woke up and just looked here and there and my eyes caught the clock hanging on the wall which was reflecting 3:08 am.
Then I whispered - what a dream.. I woke up and drank water. As the next morning was Sunday, I narrated to Anish and Dilraj what actually had happened. We started talking about ghosts and finally we slept at 7:00 am. 

In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer

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-Rajesh Sapkota
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